Frequently Asked Questions

Will FxStudio work with my engine?

Yes, FxStudio will work with any game engine.  Although every engine has its own unique way of doing things, FxStudio is designed with a clear separation between the FxStudio sequencing engine and the game code itself.

Does FxStudio provide its own 3D Renderer?

Our Reference Application provides a stand-alone viewer and renderer for evaluation purposes. However, once you start integrating FxStudio into your pipeline, file management and rendering are provided by your game engine.

How long does it take to integrate FxStudio?

This will vary by engine but in general the basic integration should take 1-2 days.

Are game developers using FxStudio?

FxStudio is being used around the world.  For a full list of customers, see our customer page.

Do the developers of FxStudio have experience making games?

Yes, the two creators of FxStudio have a combined 25 years of game and tools development experience working on AAA PC and console titles including Blood, Tron 2.0, AvP 2, MxO, The Agency, and many other titles.

What are components?

Components are the basic building blocks of effect experiences.  Components are like an artist palette, and wrap interesting bits of functionality provided by your game engine, such as particle systems, camera shake and effects, controller rumble or any other data driven system.

Do I have to use the components provided in the reference?

No, the components provided in the reference application are available to use as a starting point, as is. If you’d like, you can also completely discard them and replace with your own implementations.  Everything about the system is data driven.

How hard is it to modify/extend FxStudio?

Extending the system is very easy.  FxStudio Designer provides an engineering interface for developers to create components, add or change properties of components, define inputs, phases and LOD.  The FxStudioRT API makes supporting the changes in the data definition simple and painless.  The compiled help, how-to videos, and reference application give FxStudio a shallow learning curve.

What are effect banks?

Effect banks are convenient and optimized ways to organize your effects for your game.  Banks of effects are defined in FxStudio Designer and can be organized in a simple tree view.  Bank files are then used by your world or game object editing system or directly in code to reference effects packed into the banks.  FxStudioRT loads bank files and provides the running game the ability to instance effects and the data contained within.

We’ve been dreaming of developing our own FX tool, offering accurate feedback – in real time – while crafting our effects. Fortunately we did not spend time and money building a tool that was already tested and available.  Instead, we found Fx Studio! This system truly empowered our creativity and helped us to quickly reach AAA-game FX quality.

Luc Verdier, Executive Producer,
AMA Studios


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