Time-Based Sequencing

Timelines and tracks are a familiar environment to anyone who has used sequencing software. If you are new, it is immediately intuitive. You can drag and drop components onto a track, organize components with track groups, and rearrange tracks as you desire.

Mix, Blend and Modify Effects

Using time-based sequencing, you can define when and how long effects will run, or whether they should blend together in time, as in fire and smoke from multiple explosions.

Browser Window and Search

An integrated effect browser window helps you organize your assets and quickly find what you are looking for. Coupled with an easy-to-use search filter, you can easily manage thousands of visual FX.

Property Editing

With FxStudio’s property editing, you can specify properties for specific platforms and set up levels of detail on your effects. Choose new values based on level of detail to ensure your effects look fantastic at any distance and keep that frame rate high.

Real-Time Preview

Effect changes are tracked immediately.  Whether you are adding a new component, changing an effect’s timing or tweaking a value property, you will see those changes instantly occur in FxStudio’s powerful previewing window.

Level of Detail Management

Hundreds of effects running simultaneously can hinder a game’s performance. FxStudio gives you the ability to make changes to the details of any effect, such as turning down the number of particles spawning or changing scaling parameters, in order to boost the performance of your game.

Reference Application

When you evaluate, we give you a sandbox and rendering sample called the Reference Application, which lets you see how FxStudio works. The Reference Application enables you to instantly start working with a gamut of sample components ranging from particle systems to sounds, screen FX to camera shakes, without ever having to ask an engineer to assist with your evaluation.

FxStudio is amaaaaazing. We started using it for particles. Now it’s basically being used for everything that requires coordinated timing, including scripted cut scenes. I even wired it up to do controller vibrations. Great piece of software y’all have!

Al Reed, Studio Director,
Demiurge Studios


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