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Removing the dependency between art and programming, FxStudio puts the control of game FX in the artist’s hands.

FxStudio accelerates the development process by giving game artists and others an intuitive editor in which to compose attention-grabbing effects or control any time-based event for their games, such as visual FX, audio FX or any scripted event. The end result is richer effects, created faster.

Main Benefits

Control Stunning Game FX

FxStudio gives you complete editing control over any effect supported by your game engine.

Artist-Friendly Editing Environment

If you’re familiar with other time-based sequencing tools, you will instantly feel at home in FxStudio’s editing environment.

Rapid In-Game Iterations

FxStudio Designer communicates directly with the FxStudio’s runtime, enabling you to see additions and modifications immediately on your actual running game client.

Integrates into Any Game Pipeline

FxStudio can be integrated into your game engine easily. Have specific questions about integrating your engine? Just email us.

We’re Here When You Need Us

FxStudio is so well documented and easy to use, developers rarely have questions. If you do have questions, we will respond within 24 hours or less.

Extensible Code

FxStudio’s code enables teams to easily extend the tool to meet the specific needs of their project.

FxStudio is amaaaaazing. We started using it for particles. Now it’s basically being used for everything that requires coordinated timing, including scripted cut scenes. I even wired it up to do controller vibrations. Great piece of software y’all have!

Al Reed, Studio Director,
Demiurge Studios


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