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FxStudio comprises several core technologies designed to bridge the gap between artistry and engineering in the game development process.

FxStudio Designer

This is the time-based sequencing environment for authoring visual FX.  Artists and designers who are familiar with sequencers like Adobe’s After Effects or Premiere will be immediately comfortable working with FxStudio Designer.  Component, LOD, Input and platform specialization data are defined using the Component Definition GUI, which also supports custom asset picker plug-ins.


FxStudio’s runtime component – FxStudioRT – is a highly optimized C++ module designed to efficiently manage the client data at runtime. FxStudioRT has been architected to be memory cache and I/O friendly.

Extensible Code

FxStudio’s code enables teams to easily extend the tool to meet the specific needs of their project.

FxStudio Tunnel

FxStudio provides a convenient TCP connection for real-time communication between FxStudio Designer and FxStudioRT. Real-time updates are piped from Designer to RT, providing artists with a WYSIWYG art preview that greatly reduces iteration times.

The integration of FxStudio with Gamebryo empowers the creativity of artists. It enables them to rapidly go from their effects concept to their in-game implementation, instantly taking full advantage of Gamebryo’s run-time performance and capabilities

David Brame, CEO,
Gamebase USA

The component system and the ability it offers to quickly and almost indefinitely expand the possibilities of the tool with minimum hassle, makes FxStudio the best in its class.

Guillaume Piette, Senior FX Artist,
Larian Studios


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